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Assistance in mergers and acquisitions

As your financial advisor, we are responsible for the support of all stages of transactions you are involved in.

Our company is responsible for the success of the transaction, from its preparation to the completion.

We guarantee our customers the compliance with all deadlines and completion of the transaction with the greatest possible benefit for you.

The issues you face:

• possibility of profitable resale of your business;

• access to the Russian market through the acquired business;

• possibility of profitable sale of a share in your business in order to attract private equity fund;

• expansion of your presence on the Russian market through the acquisition of suitable companies in your market field;

• possibility of merging with another similar company;

• need to restructure your business through divestment or sale of non-core assets.

We can offer you:

Our company offers you a full range of consulting services relating to the transaction.

We offer a seller:

• preliminary analysis of the business value;

• full consultation on all the features of preparation for sale and pre-sale analysis of your business;

• determination of the range of possible buyers;

• contact with potential customers to determine their level of interest in the proposed transaction;

• competent presentation of your business to potential buyers, followed by evaluation of all offers and subsequent assistance in choosing the most advantageous offer;

• full support throughout the negotiation process, all stages of signing the necessary agreements, and then the final completion of the transaction.

Representing the interests of the buyer, we offer:

• identification of suitable facilities for a beneficial transaction;

• assessment of the level of compliance of selected facilities with your goals;

• analyzing the possible value of the facilities;

• evaluation of the financial attractiveness of the business you are interested in;

• assistance in the preparation of a prospective offer;

• support through the negotiation process, signing the necessary agreements, assistance in the successful conclusion of your transaction.


Why us:

• our understanding of the key factors that attract not only Russian but also foreign customers helps us choose facilities suitable for acquisition;

• all processes, from the preparation to the successful conclusion of the transaction, are under our control. This means there is no need for you to divert resources needed for your business routine;

• we fully take on the framework responsibility for the success of your transaction, including competent coordination of the work of the expert teams to ensure compliance with all your deadlines;

• Our company guarantees customers assistance in selecting suitable buyers/sellers, followed by the identification of the best strategy for negotiations, including the search for a way out of the deadlock or solution of crucial issues;

• Our goal is to complete the transaction with the greatest possible benefit for you, including not only the purchase price but also the entire structure of the transaction.