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Construction project expertise

We own the most important resources, skills and experience and we can provide any service at the highest level and almost immediately.

We cooperate with municipal companies and big joint stock companies, design institutions and organizations, individual legal entities and small companies.

Construction project autonomous expertise is executed under a number of categories:

·       existing or constructed premise or construction;

·       construction in progress

·       design estimate documentation;

·       land lot;

·       external utilities and inner engineering systems of buildings;

·       construction in progress items;

·       other items or plans subject to expertise for a score of reasons.

As a result, assessment of the item technical state or a plan is made under the precedent, its protection and supporting systems, engineering networks as well as authenticity and completeness of design estimate documentation. Hereafter, all drawbacks are detected and methods for their elimination are planned.

There are 4 types of construction project expertise: prejudicial, judicial, extrajudicial and paid.


We provide expertise of any type.

It is estimated personally and depends on the following:

·       final aim and purpose of the expertise;

·       availability and completeness of original documents;

·       location, specifications and configuration of items;

·       expertise period.

Construction item (project) autonomous expertise requires a huge amount of research and analytical activities:

       1.       Study of construction items;

       2.       Study and appraisal of land associated with construction items functionally;

       3.       Study of construction items for compliance with rules and commonly accepted measures of SNiP, SanRaN and fire safety;

       4.       Study of heating, ventilation and conditioning systems;

       5.       Study of technical state of constructive parts during re-layout, re-equipment or transformation of dwelling and non-dwelling promises in buildings or constructions;

       6.       Expertise and control of feature during execution of building and erection, engineering, exploring, maintenance and other works associated with construction;

       7.       Expertise of features applied to construction of materials, products and concrete structures;

       8.       Study of identity to project during transfer of dwelling premises (flats) and non-dwelling premises from developer to interest-holder;

       9.       Study and assessment of items aimed at determination of damage in case of ES, unexpected or technical accidents: floods, fires, sagging, and failure.

      10.     Expertise and test of design estimate documentation;

      11.     Land surveying (also judicial);

      12.     Definition of local land lot assignment.


Application procedure:

We provide support during execution of each studies and expertise.


Our customers:

·       administrative bodies, executive branch authorities of districts and cities;

·       companies, firms, institutions and other legal entities, any subjects of the Russian Federation;

·       natural persons.